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Waiting to be ready?

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I realised that when we want to do something, we just should do it. Taking the steps to get to where we want to be is the way to be prepare for something, because it’s the type of behavior that will deliver an outcome.

Often, we don’t feel ready for many things, we are waiting for the right circumstances or the perfect opportunity, but there is no such thing as being 100% ready. There are a lot of questions and answers that we don’t have but we will figure these things out as we go. Making thing happen is the way to be ready.

When we are born, we are not ready straight away to face the world. First, we need to learn things such as how to talk, to walk, and go on.

Many things are learned since we are babies, until we are grown up who can live by themselves. This is a long process that maybe never end because life is a journey where we come to learn what is life, so we going to be ready to live our life, when actually we are living our life.

When we go to college or university, we think:

“Ok, when I finish it, I am going to be ready to get my dream job, and to be successful in a working world”.

In fact, we have a knowledge that give us an idea what we can do, but it’s through working every day that we develop our skills and learn everything about our job and master it.

In a romantic relationship is the same, the attraction starts for someone, so we spent hours together, buy flowers, book a table at restaurant, and then we are falling in love, so we decide to live together, to get married and have children.

Every part of our life is a process, it’s making steps forward to the things we want to achieve that we will be ready for it, not before. Walking the path is the way you will find what are you looking for. Otherwise, we will end up spending most of our life waiting to be ready.

Things take us a while to go head on with them, until we get them, and we figure it out.

If you want to be ready for something, whatever you want, start doing it, go for it, now! with the skills and things that you have, don’t waste your precious time waiting to be ready, waiting to have enough money, waiting to have the skill, waiting to have the knowledge, waiting to be secure, waiting to have someone.

You already have something to start it: You!

In my case, it took me plenty of time to realised that.

I started writing in English just a couple of sentences with that I learned in the English school, after that I was able to write small paragraphs, now I am capable of writing this article in English despite having many grammar mistakes, because writing in English is a hard jump for me, but it doesn’t matter, I believe that one day this small exercise will be an awesome English article or perhaps a book without any mistakes.

You won’t know if you can do it, until you do it. So do it!

Thanks for reading!

See ya pronto evribady.

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